Puppy/Beginner Obedience (6 week session)

This foundation class will focus on establishing basic skills such as: leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, leave it stay, no jumping, come when called and other good manners behaviors.  Training collars of various types may be recommended to discourage pulling and make it easier to walk/train.  This class is by pre-registration only, and meets outdoors, weather permitting.  By pre-registration only.   

Rally Obedience     

We offer Rally for Beginners though advanced!  Mary is an ASCA Rally judge, and is fluent in both ASCA and AKC Rally.

             these classes are outdoors, weather permitting, admission with instructor                      approval


  Class costs, dates and attendence policy are located on the registration forms.
All classes require pre-registration.

Finished with your obedience class and looking for more? This class focuses on taking your proficiency to the next level with more focused work on heeling and heeling maneuvers including fronts, finishes, turns, stand and stay.  This class introduces the signs for ASCA and the AKC's Rally Obedience Program in the Novice, Advanced, Intermediate, Excellent and Masters levels.  Suitable for those who would like to explore Rally, or experienced handlers with a new Rally dog in our Tuesday class.  Students will work on on-leash and off-leash heeling as appropriate for their skill level.

Advanced class will work on the Excellent and Masters level skills including the new AKC and ASCA rally signs for 2018 as well as  competition level skills.

Click here to read more about the Rally Program.

Our Rally classes are ongoing classes, entrance permitted at any time with instructor's approval.  Classes are purchased in blocks of 6 weeks for 100$.  Individual classes can be purchased at the rate of $20 a class.  Students are required to register on Punchpass for any classes they will attend.  When classes are purchased it is the student's responsibility to let the instructor know that they will not be able to attend class *24 hours* before the class time.  If those pararmeters are not met, that absence is counted towards the 6 pre-paid classes.  Absences that are scheduled with the instructor are not counted against the pre-paid classes.  Pre-purchased classes expire 6 months from the purchase date.